How to study at USP

Foreign students enter the University of São Paulo by means of exchange programs, the Student Program Agreement or by slots obtained through diplomatic courtesies. It is worth remembering that most of USP activities are carried out in Portuguese.

Exchange Programs
Foreigners may attend classes at USP as undergraduate exchange students for a period of one to two semesters, obtaining credits or conducting research considered valid for the curricula of their home universities. Click here for more information.

Student Program Agreement (PEC)
The PEC-G (undergraduate) is cooperation activities developed between Brazil and the nations of Latin America, Central America and Africa, in order to allow citizens of these countries to pursue university studies in Brazilian universities participating in the program – USP being among these. The Program is administered by the Ministry of Foreign Relations and by the Ministry of Education. In both variants of the Program, the interested candidate registers directly at the Brazilian Embassy in his/her country of origin. Click here for more information (Ministry of Education page).

Diplomatic courtesy
Decree nº 89.758, of June 6, 1984, regulates the courtesy registrations for employees of diplomatic missions, consular offices and/or for their legal dependents. Click here to read the full text of the document.

How to study at USP