Make your donation! Program USP for Life was created with the purpose of advancing research and actions to overcome the disease.

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Science plays a central role in the challenges posed by the covid-19 pandemic, which has had an impact worldwide.

Faced with what can be considered the worst crisis of recent times, universities, research centers and laboratories have performed their mission to find ways to contain the disease and to contribute to the formulation of public policies.

USP has participated intensively in the fight against covid-19, with the work of its scientists, researchers, professors and administrative staff.

The University has joint all the efforts to search for solutions in vaccines, medicines, test development, hygiene, equipment and logistics. And, at the same time, it does not fail to act directly and indirectly on diagnoses and health care.

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USP for Life fund

The Steering Committee defines the allocation of resources according to USP for Life’s most urgent needs.

Specific researches

  • Vaccine development
  • Drug development
  • Artificial respirators and facial protection
  • Diagnosis of covid-19
  • Antiviral Processes

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