For students looking for accommodation

USP has no accommodation or owns houses within or outside the campus of São Paulo.
The Info Housing service won’t make reservations or search for options on behalf of exchange students. The search for accommodation must be carried out by the interested parties in accordance to their economic conditions and interests.

In case of accommodation for immediate arrivals, USP International Office may suggest hostels specialized in receiving exchange students. The request for such information must be made via email infohousing@usp.br.

We also advise students that housing for the exchange period requires the signature of a contract. It is the right of everyone, including the exchange student, to protect themselves according to the law. This contract is made in written form, confirming and guaranteeing all the rights and obligations of the tenant and the landlord.

The rent rates of a room or accommodation can greatly vary, depending on location and features offered by the house and the neighborhood. According to information obtained from the Brazilian consulates abroad, it is estimated that the monthly living cost is around 900 USD presently(march/13).