Campus life

Culture and services

USP offers various cultural options for its students and also for the community. It maintains several museums and most of them have free entrance. More information about these and other leisure options in PRCEU (Pró- Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária) website.

Health assistance

During the stay in Brazil, the foreigner will be allowed to use the services of the Brazilian Public Health System only in emergency cases. For this reason, USP demands that students obtain a health insurance (travel insurance), which should be purchased at his/ her home country, prior to their arrival in Brazil. It should cover all the period during which the student will stay in the country. The choice for the travel insurance is up to the student.


USP does not have housing facilities for exchange students, but there is a listing of accommodation places offered by families and students (enrolled as well as alumni) interested in receiving foreign students at their houses. The exchange students handle their reservation and financial matters directly with the landlords. The official contacts for this issue are and with USP’s social service